Here Be Dragons

Open Call


We invite all adventurers and strategists to embark on a journey into the uncharted territories of our futures! Join us on an open day where serious games, Sci-Fi and speculative practices as catalysts for innovations meet in the heart of Berlin. Propose talks, panels, serious games, playful interactions, artworks, manifestos, workshops and critical debates that challenge our perception of the future and reshape the landscapes of possibility.

In one of the oldest known terrestrial globes, the phrase "here be dragons" was used to describe uncharted areas of maps where potential dangers were thought to exist. "Here Be Dragons" is an effort to summon different communities like strategists, leaders, designers, philosophers, artists, researchers, students, technologists, business practitioners and playful creatures to celebrate our differences and construct a common language in our efforts to imagine, reveal, and shape the futures of organisations yet to unfold. All species are welcome! 

When: 21st of June 2024, 9 am – 4 pm
Where: Badensche Str. 51, 10825 Berlin, Aula, HWR Berlin
How: Send a two-paragraph proposal and a short bio to [email protected] by the 22nd of April 2024